The “duwar” - Dubai Design Week 2018 - roundabout in Arabic – is one of Amman›s most recognizable traits. Functioning as an urban landmark across the city, the «duwar» represents a continuous circular motion of successive events that alternate between chaos and order. Offering a glimpse into the multi-layered city, the Amman Pavilion sources soundscapes from the city’s streets, capturing the dynamic narratives of its diverse residents to communicate nuances of the city’s urban fabric.

Duwar fuses impressions of people and place through a series of vignettes. Through the use of intangible media of sound and light, photographic stills appear in sequence, forming a circular succession of visuals that transport visitors through multiple realities. The visuals are treated with innovative techniques that are developed through experimentation with digital fabrication and synchronized with layers of spatial sound by sound artist Basel Naouri, to craft an immersive audiovisual experience.
Interactive Hanging physical animations awakened by light at Dubai design Week.
Duwar immersive experience by hashem joucka at dubai design week with interactive led hanging led physical animations.


Ferromancy is an interactive installation which allows users to experience the state transitions of a colorful ferromagnetic mixture under magnetic stimulus. The user could vary the magnetic field using a knob which grants life to the mixture, creating an endless number of animations, rich with mind boggling patterns and organic forms.

The animation is captured with a digital microscope and the magnified visuals are projected on a 3D convex screen in real time.
Through a multidisciplinary approach, Ferromancy was created with the aim to reflect on the influence of electromagnetic force on our daily lives, its origin and evolution. The installation highlights the graphic aspect of chemical interactions under the external and intangible force, hence revealing the beauty of the invisible energy.

Ferromancy plays different roles; an educational apparatus, a drawing canvas, a mesmerizing painting for deep relaxation.