Curiosity, Exploration & Play

Hashem Joucka is a mixed- media artist and multidisciplinary designer working in the intersection of science and technology. With a strong passion to explore and venture into different art and design territories, and in constant search to understand the mysteries of nature and the phenomena of life in general. Most of Hashem's explorations and creations aim to reflect on the aesthetic aspect of visible regularities found in nature, and the wonders of natural phenomena. In which he aims to highlight the overlooked beauty of natural formation from a micro and macro perspective, communicating the science behind this beauty through art and play.

Aesthetics of Science

Aesthetic values guide Hashem's activities, motivate him to study nature, and shape his attitude regarding the truth of phenomena, mystery and the unknown.
His creations include furniture and sculpture, digital art, experiential art, prints, app design and exhibit design and development.

Science of Aesthetics

As anticipated, Hashem's explorations have led him to start a journey working on informative art projects for museums, educational institutions, innovation hubs, science conferences. Where he combines multiple layers of design, visualization and fabrication techniques such as generative design, physical computing, circuit design and production, 3D printing, projection mapping, to produce temporary and permanent exhibits while working on his personal tangible and virtual art. Furthermore, Hashem creates art and science gamified experiences for mobile and desktop devices.

To infinity

Will continue exploring, playing and innovating.