Ferromancy - is an on- going project which explores the aesthetics of the state transitions of ferrofluid, an alien-like ferromagnetic liquid which changes in shape when introduced to magnetic fields. The outcomes of this research range from interactive exhibits which could be displayed in temporary and permanent exhibitions, and other products such as sculpture, prints, video loops and miniature art.
FERROSCOPE - is an interactive installation which allows users to experience the state transitions of a colorful ferromagnetic mixture under magnetic stimulus. The outcomes of the research The user could vary the strength of the magnetic field using a knob which brings life to the mixture, creating an endless number of animations, rich with mind-boggling patterns and organic forms. The animations are captured with a digital microscope then projected on a large 3D surface in real time.
3D printed sculpture, prints, video loops and miniature art are found at this website or in other online market places.