Land of Ingenuity Interactive


Year 2017
Location 1: The Jordan Museum; as part of an exhibition titled "Jordan: Land of Innovation, Continuity and Change"
Location2: World Science Forum 2017- King Hussein bin Talal Convention Center- Dead Sea/ Jordan
In collaboration with: Thinc Exhibition Design, Design Ideas Studio, Eyen Design


Sitting at cultural and historical crossroads, Jordan has been a source of imaginative thinking and new technologies for thousands of years. The installation allows visitors to discover how this nations natural resources, landscape, climate and resourceful people has shaped Jordan as a land of ingenuity.

The execution included the design and production of a large- scale 3 dimensional topographic map of Jordan, made of CNC machined white Corian.  An infographic map is projected vertically from above. Several buttons form an interface for people to toggle between different layers of data such as population density, precipitation rate, heat index, agricultural areas, which is projected on the 3D surface. Multiple layers can be active at the same time.