Crade et Vivant

Location: IAAC/ Barcelona
Year: 2015

The workshop aimed to explore the dynamic particularities of cities through the mixed media of cinema and architecture, mixing techniques such as filming, photography and digital fabrication.

Set up as a collaboration between Michel Gondry and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the workshop delivered a short 1 minute film in which every image was physically constructed using robotic fabrication technology.

The Funicular- By Hashem Joucka and David Scott

The original film is a sequence of images taken from a funicular going through a tunnel. Each of the images was constructed by carving out foam with a milling machine and re-photographed with retro- illumination. Using a 3D software, each image was abstracted into a topography-like surface; the darkest parts of the image being the highest level of the surface.


The Making of by Sebastian Dubor