Articulate Performance


Location: Dubai/ UAE
Year: 2016
Role: Tutor - 3D Printing - Projection Mapping - Visual Programming- Physical Computing

This is a 'Form-Active Hybrid' Structure. It is a self-standing lightweight shelter with the capacity to bring people together under its shade during the day, and interact with them at night. It has the ability to listen to its visitor's sound, and to produce reactionary visual projections that are mapped directly onto it, generating some sort of animate performance.

Its formal geometry is the result of the forces synergistically acting upon the flexible skeletal rods and the tensile fabric. It is a structure, of which each Articulated architectural feature is Performative.

It is scalable, deployable and enjoyable.

It's final form has been simulated using a proprietary software that simulates material behaviour, developed in Stuttgart and Michigan.

It's Articulated fabric cells were laser-cut and machine sewn. The fabric is made in Korea and was purchased from a local market in Dubai.

It was made possible using a very specialised material called Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rods, which were imported from New Zealand.

It is the outcome of collaborative effort across networks. It's the result of juxtaposing advanced design techniques and theory with traditional craft, new materials with off-the-shelf ones, digital fabrication with concrete, computer programming with basic electrical circuitry.

Most importantly, the structure embodies true passion and effort, the genuine desire to learn, and working really hard over 15 days in sweltering heat to conceive it.

It is the emergent power of connecting minds. The sum of which is larger than its parts.

You can call it an 'artwork', 'Installation' , a 'prototype', or a 'pavilion'.


Video: Hashem Joucka