AAVS DXB- Accelerating Processes

Location: Dubai/ UAE
Year: 2015

‘Accelerating Processes’ is a workshop aimed to advance 'biotopic' building technologies that adress the Dubai Expo 2020 sub-theme of 'sustainability'. The workshop operated as a collaborative set of individual units with different skill foci, but a common goal; to advance certain skills of operational technologies, to facilitate the construction of complex innovative tectonics.  

The Material Composites unit provided the initial experiments for the group to make use of fabric formwork in combination with composites to generate processes for constructing freestanding, spatial, structural elements of architecture. The unit gradually changed the processes in response to changing the scale of the prototypes to construct a set of modules that assemble to create a spatial artefact. 

The core of the process investigated the hybridization of tensile structural systems with compressive materials as a method for developing building blocks of spatial inhabitations. This was combined with Hi-Tech simulations, robotic formwork detailing, and digital fabrication intervention.